About us


KASUS GmbH has been established in 1992 in Ludwigshafen, Germany as a technical trading house.
In 1994 KASUS has opened a representation office in Baku / Azerbaijan.
From the beginning of activities KASUS constantly expands the services and has changed the development from a pure trading company for supply of equipment, parts, catalysts and chemicals to a consulting company in the fields of technology sales for oil and gas industry in CIS countries. KASUS renders consulting services in new project developments, market studies, pre- feasibility and feasibility studies, contracting and PMC services for construction of new units in the above-stated areas.  
As an example it can be mentioned the modernisation of ADU unit ELOU AWT-6, FCC unit G43-107 and CCR unit at Baku Oil Refinery H. Aliyev, the modernisation of furnaces primary reformer furnace for unit AM-76 on Fergana AZOT and the modernisation of steam cracker furnaces of Ethylen-Polyethylene unit EP-300.
During these years KASUS has established strong business relationships with world leading companies, such as UOP, Heraeus GmbH, Triplan AG, CGTL, Köppern, Grace GmbH, Babcoсk, Mannesmann Demag, Oerlikon, Plibriko, John Crane, KSB, Südchemie, Armaturenfabrik Schneider, Emerson, Ashcroft, Stewart Buchanan, Schmidt & Clemens and others.  
The business philosophy of KASUS is based on long-term relationships with customers in CIS countries where KASUS represents itself as a reliable partner with single responsibility by project realisation of simple and multicomponent industrial projects. The key value is the experience of KASUS in effective coordination of all project activities between technology providers and manufacturers on the one hand and customers in CIS countries on the other hand.