Project Management Consultancy (PMC)

KASUS provides Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services for construction of industrial units in Russian Federation, CIS and other countries mainly  for the following applications: 
  • Refinery units
  • Gasprocessing units
  • GTL units for processing of associated and natural gas
  • Petrochemical units
  • Chemical units
  • Biofuel units (biodiesel, bioethanol)
  • Vegetable oilrefining units
PMC service for other applications will be provided with involvement of local partners.

Scope of PMC service includes mainly the following:
  1. Support of transactions on registration in the property ground and industrial function in Moscow, Moscow Region and other regions of Russian Federation
  2. Reception of the construction licence for projects in accordance to specificity of different regions of Russian Federation
  3. Organisation of technical supervision of construction
  4. Participation in design and construction processes of industrial units
  5. Analysis of contracts between customer and the general contractor
  6.  The organisation of carrying out of tenders and the selection of  suppliers of technological and auxiliary equipment in accordance with customers
  7. Organization of transportation and delivery of equipment to the site 
  8. Organization of supervision, start up and commissioning of technological equipment
  9. Other services acc. to  specific requirements of each project
Questionnaire and detailed information on request.